Nomao Camera APK App Download for Android

How to Use Nomao Camera App
Well, using this Nomao app is no different than using any other prank app. Ensure that there is no one around you noticing that you are taking a Naked photo of the opposite person by using Nomao Camera APK file installed in your Android smartphone. So here’s how to use Nomao Camera App effectively!

#1. Before you open the app, ensure that your phone’s brightness is at the maximum. The reason behind it is you can see the picture clearly when you take a photo of someone.

#2. Ensure that there’s no one around you when you are clicking photographs of beautiful women around you whom you want to see open, without clothes 😛

#3. Once you click the pic of a known person, just forward him the original pic first and then forward the pic taken by Nomao Camera app to see the funniest reactions ever!

#4. One more way to use Nomao Camera app is in the college where you often feel bored to repeated lectures. Take a snap of a lovely girl, show it to her and repeat the same with other ones in your classroom. (Try at your own risk 😛 )

#5. You can also play with your friends as I often see that there are no limits to have fun when you are with your besties!

File Size : 4MB

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